Stain – “Leke”

An ex-convicted Female Detective looks for a person responsible for
framing her while saves an innocent Muslim boy trying to be killed by
his own family because of his gay tendency.


Two months after the bombings in Istanbul. Released after 8 years in prison ex-female detective FİRÜZ TAŞKIN works as a cab driver in İstanbul. When she drops her son CEM, off at the airport, she picks up two men SAMI and ADNAN. 

Since the bombing of HSBC Bank in İstanbul. The media feeds the fear constantly and everybody is still on the edge and suspicious of each other. 

When Firüz finds the person called, ORHAN whom she thinks is responsible for framing her. She found out that Orhan got his order from a man called NAZIM. When she visited him, Firüz noticed Sami and Adnan meet with Nazım as well and they follow another man, ÖMER who owns a butcher shop with his uncle, HAKAN, and has a beautiful daughter 19-years-old, AYŞE, and 15-years-old son, CEMAL in Üsküdar where is Eastern part of İstanbul.

We later realized Sami and Adnan came for, Ömer because of blood feud tradition. Ömer was killed by their father many years ago and fled to İstanbul. 

On the day of the following, Firüz meets with Ömer’s son Cemal who happens to gets in her cab. And they have some sort of emotional connection right away and she replaces him with her son, Cem. 

Since we realized that Cem has died bombing HSBC Bank and her meeting with him in her cab is just delusional. 

Cemal’s extremely conservative family starts believing a rumor about him who has a homosexual relationship with a man in the neighborhood, the family decides, Cemal brings shame on the family’s name, and he has to be punished. They lock him in the basement and force him to commit suicide. 

In the end, Firüz’s search leads her to the newly appointed Police Chief of Istanbul, MUSA DADAR who is responsible for her conviction. At gunpoint, Musa Dadar confessed that he was protecting his brother who happens to drug trafficking with his new transportation fleet, and was ready to pay her as much as she wants. 

After a fight with, Musa Dadar and exchange shooting with his bodyguards, Firüz escaped and received a call from, Cemal who runs out from the basement. When Firüz drives over to Üsküdar to pick him up, she witnessed that Sami and Adnan kidnap, Cemal.

The situation wraps up with, Firüz is being heavily injured with gunshots, Sami and Adnan killed and Cemal is rescued and Firüz is holding a phone recording of Musa Dadar’s confession.